FINEYUNGTHINGS is a platform for all things young and fine.

It is a website revolving around the worlds of fashion and culture, and interconnecting the two.

This is a website that welcomes critical and honest opinions – that are always light hearted – and is used to provoke young minds today in a positive manner.

FINEYUNGTHINGS is founded by me, Dara Hamarneh.

I’m a student, currently in my third year of the Business of Fashion program at Polimoda in Florence, Italy. This website is not only a way to bring like-minded people together, but also a way for me to promote my personal and school work, and findings relevant to the fashion industry to the public.

I’m half Jordanian and half Swedish, but was born and raised in the Middle East. I have lived in six countries, therefore my multiculturalism has influenced my outlook not only in life, but also in how I perceive fashion today. While studying in Italy, I have had the privilege of spending my summers doing internships in Jordan, Dubai and London where I have met amazing, young designers that have helped shaped the way I work today.

FINEYUNGTHINGS is a portrayal of the way I have evolved, and is essentially a space to share with others my way of life and thinking.