Blood Moon Prophecy: anti-norm

Blood Moon Prophecy  is a platform that empowers going against normality. It is founded by Tal Booker, and is the way she expresses her perception of society today through wearable art.  Booker’s brand is one that stands as a voice for those struck by emotional turmoil, by creating bitter statements with printed T-shirts that say things like: “you showed me why hurricanes are named after people”.


It is a brand dripping with teenage angst: ‘You’re in my veins, you fuck’. In a self obsessed world of high expectations, BMP captures societal rejections and forms of human destructiveness through it’s hand painted statements. 

The name of the brand comes from rituals done by Christian ministers that stem from apocalyptic beliefs.

The brand produces their products in small bunches, making the availability of the product very limited. I find this very smart in today’s saturated market, especially in fashion. It is so easy for us to get bored with what is available to us, which is why brands like Supreme, Gosha Rubchinsky and Vetements have become so appealing. They communicate their brands so well, however they make the distribution of their items rare, making the product more valuable in the real world. This also ensures that people will make more of an effort to buy products because if you like something, it is better to buy it on the spot, because if you leave time for speculation, it can already be too late and someone else has grabbed what you wanted.

The pricing of the brand is also very fair, nothing is over £100, which ensures that the brand is accessible in a different kind of way meaning that you don’t have to have a deep pocket to be a part of the brand image. The brand also offers the service of customising garments which is quite unique.


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