Bee Beardsworth: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about Bee Beardsworth: the 21 year old London based model, represents everything the youth should be. Bee proves that there is still hope for the youth after all: her favourite past times include: reading, exploring, partying, yoga, arts and crafts.

She is natural, open minded, non judgemental and an avid cat lover.

The bare faced beauty has been casted in fashion shows for the likes of Marques Almeida and Vivienne Westwood and has been in fashion editorials for the likes of LOVE, and I-D magazine. Here is a short summary of Bee:

 1. Having a pilot for a father, she has been around the world: she grew up in the Cotswolds but has lived in: Cape Town, Tokyo, Sydney, Holland, and now London. Her childhood home, the Cotswolds are in the countryside of England. 

2. Aside from being an international model, Bee is also an artist and believes that ‘art isn’t separate to her life, but parallel.’

3. She has a cat called Gucci. And four other pets lurking around!
4.  She was featured in a music video: you can spot her in Pixie Geldof‘s “Women go Wild” music video, and performed alongside her real time girlfriend, Daisy. Daisy Maybe is not only Beardworth’s girlfriend, she is also her best friend and collaborator in all things art and music. The pair met at a house party in Dalston last year. Bee is currently focusing on photography while Daisy is a singer-songwriter. Bee shares, ‘We have my pictures everywhere, loads of fairy lights, lots of trinkets that we keep that remind us of nights out or trips.”

Watch the music video here.
5. Her and her girlfriend share a great pictorial version of their lives right here
Bee seems to have everything going right for her at this moment in time: she’s got high level eye brows along with unconventional beauty and style.


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