Freedom Through Dylan Fox’s Eyes

Solo artist from England, Dylan Fox, is giving freedom a new meaning.

Fox plays redefining the meaning of freedom by playing with the historic symbolism of the word, specifically what it meant in the context of American and European culture. As a result of exploring this particular aspect of freedom, Fox has the ability to experiment and translate his discoveries in different art mediums, causing the audience to question the social norms society has imposed on us as well as the unrealistic cultural expectations.

By putting most of his focus on current issues, and putting freedom in context of what is happening in the world today (the Trump Election and the NHS) Fox was able to portray the greater implications on all of the marginalized groups of today’s society. He gives these people a voice through his visual content.

For us to better understand the context his work, Fox sheds light on his trip to Florida last year, where he underwent surgery to transition from a female to a male.


Fox uses this experience during his exhibition, Frontier, where he took out all his frustration and unhappiness and channelled it into a platform that was able to prevent further misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the transgender community.

Fox’s interactive artwork consists of several mediums, one of them being ‘readers boards’ that are used in traditional American adverts, and uses them to stand up against convention. Through this experimentation with multimedia, the fine art graduate has been able to move people and trigger raw emotions.

Fox is on a mission to demolish stereotypes and help those who are still marginalized in the world find their voice.

 Dylan Fox has a beautiful story that should be shared and appreciated.

All images: Dylan Fox

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