Must See: One Block Down

I was in Milan this past Friday, and stumbled upon a concept store: One Block Down.

This store can be considered a #sneakerhead’s retail heaven and is located on Milan’s Piazza Armando Diaz. One Block Down was founded by four friends based on their love of “sneaker culture”.

The store celebrates the urbanized market of today and 21st century trends and phenomenons by cleverly linking sneaker culture to Instagram lifestyle culture.

The Italian store merges modern impulses to showcase the latest and greatest in both sneakers and street wear.

It is a store that offers a creative sanctuary that sells an image and communication and also educates you on the most relevant fashion news thanks to its range of independent magazines. The brand houses all of the most talked about brands in streetwear today: Nike, Vans, Fila, Converse as well as magazines like Dazed and i-D.

The store experience is really coherent, and is truly representative of pop culture today: from the music down to the latest fashion collaborations.

One Block Down is actually responsible for the current sneaker movement that is going on in Milan. The only talked about sports stores were FootLocker and AWLab, so it was a challenge for them to break into the sports industry and took them a while, but in the end it was worth it:

 “In Milan in 2009 nobody was selling Jordan and we were orphans of one of the most influenced shops, Quinto Round in Corso Matteotti. So we decided to open One Block Down but it was not easy. Companies in Italy knew not relate shops sneakers like ours. The real work was held in chains, Foot Locker or AW Lab former World athletes.” – Patrizio Vita, Co-Founder.

One Block Down also has a coffee shop within the store, so you can get your sneaker fix and your coffee fix at the same time!

Visit the official website here.


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