Fashion Displacement: You Are Here

Where is my home? Who am I when everything is stripped away from me? What defines me?

Globalization and current events have led to a big shift in our society today making displacement a regular occurrence, whether it is done willingly or forcefully.

The speed of change in the world we live in is constant and rapid, leading to a change in behavior of us as humans. We no longer accept homogenization or monotony. It is within our being to have this need to explore, to take ourselves out of the four sided box that we live in and shift to a completely new and foreign place. This compulsion to what lies beyond that far ridge or that ocean is a defining part of our identity and a huge contributor to our success. Not only do we explore in search for a better place to live or acquire a larger territory, but we also explore simply to discover what’s there.

We push past borders, into new territory despite having resources where we are

As a result we tend to deviate from the center and gravitate towards the unknown. Our definition of home has unofficially shifted from its original meaning, we no longer allow the need for a home to outweigh our personal triumph. Home, once associated with family, security and comfort is now a place associated with confinement, fixity of the intersections of gender, racial and class oppression that forbid progress. This detachment leads to people no longer feeling permanent in one specific place, but rather based on experiences and transitions.

While this new constant transition will mean that people are disconnected from their ethnic roots, they will have the ability and acceptance of new environments and cultures

This is a video I made with fellow classmates for our final project last year, in Florence’s train station Santa Maria Novella.

Watch the video below:

Music: edited version of I am Waiting by the Rolling Stones

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